Trojan Tree
Katriona Gilmore

Pencils sharpened and ready
Sniper rifle by my knee
This notebook weighs heavy
With the knowledge they need for the Trojan Tree
Shiny seventh battalion
Til I got this gun

All the facts I’ve been fetching
Observation is the key
Take notes and start sketching
Filling in the plans for the Trojan Tree
The engineers say they need details
Or the mission fails

Now I’m yards from the enemy line
We’ll swap them round when the sun doesn’t shine
We’ll tunnel under, stay concealed
In a Trojan Tree made from steel

My skill for drawing was noted
Brigadier put his trust in me
Proud I’d been promoted
I worked so hard on the Trojan Tree

No man’s land is no punchbowl
Sights you wish you’d never seen
I still know each knothole
Memorised them all for the Trojan Tree
If it means there’s cover from which to spy
Then it’s worth a try


I’ve cheated death a hundred times
Most of us won’t make it home
Now they’re moving in the decoy and I’m out here drawing fire
On my own

We went home when it ended
Looking forward to being free
I kept drawing, pretended
I had never heard of the Trojan Tree

Through the war I kept writing
Little notes for posterity
Guess they weren’t that exciting
No publisher cared for my diary
So they’ll never know about the Trojan Tree